My NoteBook

MyNoteBook is a personalised electronic notebook application to record personal & confidential information on smart phones for quick access with high level of data security. Like normal physical notebooks, the users can add any number of pages as per requirements. Every page will have Page Titles and user can browse the page titles to open the required page to read and edit the same.

This Notebook is user password protected and without correct password the notebook cannot be opened by anyone. As per the requirement, the users can change the password at any time.

It also includes premium features to manage your various tasks / events in an effective manner for timely completion of the same. This task / event may be one time task or any regular / repetitive task with frequency like daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. This will help the users to track all their tasks and complete without any delays like payment of premiums, EMIs, maturity of deposits, or renewal of any subscriptions, etc.

The most top feature is Cloud Storage which allows the users to synchronise the contents with the web server providing individual PrinceStars account credentials. This allows the users to access the same at anytime, from anywhere or from any device. If the user has more than one mobile phone the application contents will be automatically synchronised and updated on all mobile phones with high security. Suppose, if the user lost his/her mobile phone or wants to switch / change to a new mobile phone, all the contents will be automatically available in new mobile phone after providing the user credential without any chance of information loss with high security.

All data storage and transfer are done with encryptions and other techniques to ensure high level data security. We recommend to all our users not to share your individual user credential or password with others to protect your personal information from being known to others.