Hot News

Hot News application is a tool for all individuals to keep themselves updated with all the latest news from the various news publishers. The news provided in this application is extracted from the websites of the providers as published or made available to the public. We consolidate all the publishers in one place for fast user accessibility and updates. We keep on adding more news publishers and topics from time to time.

This application is freely available to all individuals without any cost. We will keep on including more languages for the convenience of all the readers.

We do not rank any news publishers and the main features of the application are as below :-

  • Consolidates all news publishers in one place.
  • Get updates of all latest news at one place.
  • News in multiple languages for all user convenience.
  • Easy switch to any country for the latest news updates.
  • More News publishers are getting added from time to time.
  • Easy to share any news link to anyone.
  • Search for any current news for instant updates worldwide.
  • Open for your feedback & suggestions.

Hope this application will help you in keeping yourself updated with all the latest news.